How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast

google adsense approval trick

Do you wish to grasp a way to get Adsense approval fast? then you’re within the right place. This post contains the walkthrough I used that landed me many Adsense approvals. This guide Contains Google AdSense approval trick which will help you get a Google AdSense approved account.

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How to get AdSense approval

Earning from your blog is the dream of every blogger, but there are many ways to make money from your blog. But the most popular is Google AdSense, Google Adsense is the highest paying ads network but most bloggers find it difficult to get approval into this ads network. As a beginner blogger, I tried getting approval many times but I failed, so I stopped reading the web for how to get google AdSense approval fast and started doing some research.

Finally, I discovered the secrete of getting Google AdSense approval in 21 days. I have also used this method to get many approved AdSense account in 2017, so I think it is time I share this Adsense approval trick with you. As you all recognize, Google Adsense is also very easy to use, Adsense has additional favor on top of different publisher networks. owing to the very fact that Adsense includes a ton of publishers, approval is strict and depends on sure tips that we’ll discuss later. I’ll additionally guide you on a way to bypass those Adsense needs and acquire your Adsense approval in less time.

How to get google AdSense approval fast

New Gmail Account

For this, you will need to get a brand new Gmail account. this is very important if you want this to work; Don’t create use of associate degree recent or existing Gmail account, let’s keep everything new and contemporary.

Create a new blog on blogger

This is the most necessary part; cause you need a blog to get an approved Google Adsense account. I will advise you to create a brand new blog on, select a good theme because User-friendly themes have Google’s love with them that’s why you got to use a subject matter that’s clean and responsive. There are several themes for this and that I in person use on Blogger. but I will suggest you use the simple blogger theme.


get a domain name for your blog

For you to get  Google AdSense approval you need to get a top-level domain. if you’re employing a domain like .blogspot  then your probabilities of you getting approved Adsense is very slim, so you should buy a top-level domain if you want to get approved. but if you cant buy a .com domain don’t worry there is always a free name for you at get a free domain there. I suggest you get a .tk domain

Important pages

You also so need to add important pages like contact us, privacy policy, terms of condition, about and disclaimer if you want to get approval because  Google considers them extremely necessary.


secure your blog with https

This is also a very necessary step to work on cause if you tell Google that your blog is secure for your blog readers and also their advertisers then you have to increase your chances of getting approved. Google only wants to show ads on sites or blogs that are professional, so if you do this it will help your blog’s approval processes.

Uploading content

This section sums up the AdSense approval demand. you need to have quality content on your blogger blog, to get AdSense approval. so you should put your pen down and start writing, all you need is 20 high-quality articles on your blog to get an AdSense approved account. try to get 20 blog posts of about a thousand words and another blog post of up to three thousand words. Many bloggers will say you need a lot of blog posts to get approval but what you really need is the right content for your blog.

Google webmaster tool

add your blog to google webmaster tool

After your most have finished writing all your blog posts, you have to make sure that all your blogs post can be found on google search. if your content can not be found on google search and you apply for an AdSense account, you can not get approved. if google can not find your blog post on a search engine you will get a message that your site has insufficient content on it. so submit your blog to google webmaster tool and verify your blog then also submit a sitemap so that all your blog posts can get indexed.

Google analytics

This is also an important factor for application approval. connecting your blog with google analytic will help give Google more information about your blog, and your chance of approval will be increased.

Get traffic

After posting the contents on your blog it’s now time for you to get traffic to the content of your blog. Though there are claims that AdSense doesn’t take into account traffic as an element for approval, I even have confirmed that once I got approved with a blogger blog with very little traffic. Going ahead while not traffic can delay your Adsense approval, although I’m nonetheless to verify if AdSense approval doesn’t want traffic however if you want to get an approved Adsense account fast in 21 days then you would need to get traffic to your blog post. an honest quantity is between five hundred views to 5000 views.

Submit your blog to blog directories

If your blog is found on other blog directories, Google will see your blog as a relevant and high-quality blog and will like to show ads on such a blog. which will improve your chances of getting approved. this is also beneficial to you cause you can also get high-quality backlinks from these sites and it will also improve your blog ranking and also the way search engines see your blog.

Don’t put other ads network ads on your blog

Google doesn’t like competition and once it involves business nobody likes it moreover. To avoid your possibilities of obtaining approval from deducing take away all sorts of third-party advertising networks from your blog.  simply take away them and build a blog that is free from adverts. if you want to get google AdSense approval fast you should never place and third-party ads on your blog

Apply for Google AdSense approval and get approved

Once you’ve have finished setting up your blog and also gotten a good amount of traffic to your blogs post then it’s time to apply. Remember do not apply if you have not completed the steps above, AdSense will disapprove your blog in less then an hour if you don’t complete the steps above. Also, know that if you do this well you can be approved for AdSense in less then 24 hours.


Getting AdSense approval is one of the main goals of every beginner blogger so that they can also be able to make money online from their blog. Hopefully, you’ve got learned the way to get an Adsense Approval and by strictly following the steps I have shown you be assured that in 21 days you too can get an approved Adsense account and get  AdSense ads running on your blog. additionally, once it involves content and traffic you actually got to be terribly good enough regarding it ?. If you’ve got any questions or contributions then please be happy to leave a comment below and I will get back to you soon. I hope this guides you on the way to get AdSense approval fast.



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