how to increase traffic to your youtube videos: the full guide

How to increase YouTube views?

how to get subscribers on YouTube?


how to increase traffic to your YouTube videos?

if this is what you are searching for then read this post, and apply the tip to your YouTube channel

how to increase traffic to your youtube videos: the full guide

YouTube, as you may know, is the most popular video sharing site with over 4 billion videos viewed each day, the second most popular site in the world and YouTube is also a very high-traffic if you learn how to utilize it correctly, can make a good amount of money with it and also you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog/website.

By applying these few these tips, you should notice your videos rank on YouTube search increase and also get more visitors to your own blog/website.

Use good meta data on your videos

This is all the information you enter about a video before uploading it, to help YouTube understand what your videos are about.the meta data in your  YouTube is made up of the title, descriptions, and tags of your videos. so make sure to fully optimize them, this is how to do it,

  •     use good catchy titles for your videos and also include your keywords in it
  •  write good catchy lengthy description of what the video is all about and also include your keywords. remember that YouTube can not understand the content of your video, but with rich video description and the right keywords in it, you have increased the ability of your videos been shown up in a search.
  •     the tags are the most important this explains whether your video we be shown up in search or not, so it is good to add good tags to your videos and as many as possible, because The more keywords you put into your videos, the more opportunities it creates for people to find your add more keywords into tags and add as many as possible.

Research on a keyword before your upload your video

This is very important  when it comes  to youtube videos ranking ; You should know what people are searching before you start publishing a new before you upload a video to YouTube be sure to do a proper keyword research,try to do a good keyword, research and find long tail keywords/key phrase to use add to your tags, don’t go for popular keywords cause there are many competitions so just try to find some keywords with low competition to be at a safer side you can include few of the popular keywords but focus on the less competitive keywords/key phrase.if you do this well you will easily increase YouTube traffic of your channel.

Group your videos into playlists

This is another way to increase views on YouTube.Playlist helps your video to be shown in search related videos, you can use the playlist to group all your videos on the same topic or keyword.This also helps to display all the videos in a very organized way and can also encourage your viewers to click on your related videos.also, remember to add your targeted keywords into the title and description of your playlist because a  playlist with rich keyword gives YouTube deeper information about your video’s topic.

Update you channel frequently

As it says updating your blog/website frequently helps to increase your blog traffic, it is also the same for your YouTube it is recommended to update your YouTube channel frequently by Uploading new interesting videos. This will make more people visit your channel and get views on YouTube and also you can get more subscribers to your channel.

Embed the video on your blog/website

This is the first step in promoting your videos, by embedding your youtube videos in your blog, you are promoting the video to your blog readers, and they are likely to click and watch the video which will, in turn, derive my traffic for your YouTube channel. So when you are done publishing a video on your YouTube channel, write a news blog post and embed the video in it or embed the video in your older blog post.if you also do this well you will easily increase YouTube traffic of your channel.

Share your videos on social media

This is yet another way to increase views on YouTube.The way your promote your normal blog post on Facebook, twitter and google plus, it’s important that you also share your YouTube start now to start Sharing and submitting your YouTube videos to your social media sites and also bookmarking sites Digg.if you also do this well you will easily increase YouTube traffic of your channel.

Get backlinks for your videos

Link building is not only for your blog/website, to get a high rank of your video on YouTube you also have to build some good amount of quality backlinks to your videos.When you have lots of authority websites directing links to your YouTube videos, this can also easily increase your video rank on search and get views on YouTube for your channel.


One of the aims of most YouTubers is to make money online from the videos on their YouTube channel and a good way to do that is to increase your YouTube traffic and get more views on YouTube, this can be done if you properly optimize the YouTube videos on your channel. and also follow the tips above to know how to increase YouTube views on your channel.

If you have any other way on to get more YouTube views then fill free to leave a comment, and also tell me which of the above tips you will be using to increase your YouTube traffic.

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