how to make a blog appear high on search engine

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SEO (search engine optimization)  is all your blog page being SEO-friendly, a search engine optimized friendly blog can easily make it to the top 10 of engines like google.also, many bloggers have the notion that writing “search engine optimization” is all about adding too many keywords into their posts on the way to making their blog page tough for human beings to examine, and even engines like google can not recognize what your web page is above when their crawler crawls your web page

and it’s going to end result to your page no longer been indexed with the aid of search engines.  Fundamentally, SEO is all about showing Google that your page is an informative aid for people attempting to find answers, places, or statistics approximately a topic. knowing the right way to tell search engines that a blog post is good to readers is where most beginner bloggers make mistakes. which in the end make them choose methods that would doubtlessly harm their web sites.

we will speak a way to enhance your site’s visibility on search results through placing good description tags and other attributes into your blog posts material, organizing your web page into a good shape, and generating relevant, excellent content.and to knowing how the incorporation of some key phrases and terms into your site pages will enhance your blogs ranking and its rating.

those are especially powerful search engine optimization pointers for you that you want to start imposing right now:

how   to make a blog appear high on search engine

write pleasant contents for your readers

keep in mind that your number one aim ought to be to provide thrilling, and fantastic content to your readers,  and additionally optimize your blog content and make it search engine optimization pleasant.

in keeping with professionals, the thrilling, nicely-written article will obviously go up in google search and ratings. write good content that will attract site visitors and conjures up them to proportion your articles on other networks. recall adding good keywords/key- phrases for your articles. as search engines support that you add good keywords to your posts

so that a visitor is likely to write in a search. when a person searches, the hunt engine suggests results for websites that have identical key phrases or terms.

in case you are a beginner blogger read this grade by grade SEO guide to improve your weblog SEO


you may increase your site web page ranking through links to websites that are highly trustworthy, convey related content material. search engines like google and yahoo praise this exercise cause it is likely to improve your site user experience. you may link to an outside blog from your blog using the following approaches.

the link you articles



also, growth the variety of links on your web pages by getting more external legit high first-class websites, to link for your blog put up will appreciably increase your blog’s submit a ranking. links for your website may also generate extra visitors to your website.

also, share your blog posts on social media. while you post new content material for your blog, remember to also permit your social media network to recognize your new blog put up. sharing your quality new posts through social media structures, however, may boom site visitors to your website and increase your readers. readers can also quickly percentage or republish your post on their personal social media.

  these are few ways you may get other sites to hyperlink in your blog.

submitting your blog to blog directories

networking with internet masters/bloggers producing similar or applicable content

produce content that draws customers to your website online

optimize  on-webpage search engine optimization

search engine optimization pleasant URLs: the URL to your blog post ought to simply tell your reader and google about the post is all .as an instance you wrote an article about “how to rank excessive on google” rather than your submit URL to be “”, turn it to be like this “ google.” also don’t forget to maintain your URL constrained to kind of 3-6 word and encompass your target keyword.

meta title: a good meta title tag help google to know the subject matter of a web page. include your goal key-word to your meta name, however, hold it not stuff your posts with irrelevance keyword !. the meta title must be related and also accurately relay to the web page’s content.


  •         every blog post on your website is to consist of its own completely unique HTML identify the tag. do no longer use prevalent blog post meta titles, for example, “post 1” or “blog post/1.” do not call your property page, “home web page.”
  •         this name will appear because the first sentence of  your website  in google search .this means that, both searchers and search engines determine if your blogs page is related to the search by the title tags of your blog posts

add meta description to every web page. beneath the primary sentence in the google search, you may notice a short descriptive part of the post. google either take these descriptions at once from your blog post content or take the one you provide in your HTML description tags. this HTML description is located in the HTML score code of your site. consistent with search engines, the descriptive tag allows their page site bots to confirm in case your web page is related to the searcher’s search terms.

see the way to upload meta tags and meta description on your blog


  •         compose a person descriptive tag for every article in your blog.
  •       your description should be about 100 to 160 characters long to ensure your summary appropriately describes the article.
  •       also, add good keywords into your articles

h1 tag: every page on your website online ought to consist of a good h1 tag. it’s the headers of the blog. if it is a blogger that you use, then the article title will mechanically take delivery of the h1 tag.

subheadings: further as the above mentioned, you must additionally use the h2 and h3 tags to actually arrange your blog posts.which also makes it simple for people and Google to understand the post.

upload alt textual content for every photo. every photograph on your website may have a unique name and also a very good alt textual content. the alt text is an outline of the picture that appears whilst a google doesn’t guide the picture document or whilst customers are engaging along with your website online through a screen reader. search engines claim that adding good description document names and also good alt text to every image can be a very useful resource to help search engines like google to understand the photo.

use good descriptions in the anchor textual content for linking. anchor textual content is the hyperlinked text that your readers can easily click on to observe a hyperlink. with the aid of writing a brief, exact anchor textual content for every hyperlink, you’ll help engines like google and also your readers to know what the linked-to-web page is set.

be aware:

  •         produce anchor text that is descriptive, brief, and applicable to the linked web page. keep away from easy anchor textual content, like “click right here” or “blog.”
  •         google indicates which you need to write anchor textual content for internal and external links. the hunt engine also encourages internet masters to layout their anchor textual content so this stands proud from well-known content.

outbound hyperlinks: adding hyperlinks in your articles allows google to better recognize what is the mean topic of your article. not handiest that, but also reach out to the websites you linked in your article tell them you linked to them which can also make them share your posts and more traffic for you.

internal hyperlinks:

inner linking is one of the most secure methods of getting one-way links from your personal web page. this could additionally drain some search engine juice on otherwise old posts and ultimately assist the reader by way of displaying him an associated put up of a fee. confused?the link I’ve at the creation showing you a listing of rank checker equipment is one of the satisfactory examples of inner linking.


  •         link to associated posts: you need to link to related posts and on the context for your modern put up. linking a web page on writing talents to a put up on architecture will do greater damage than accurate.
  •         do no longer hyperlink like an automatic harvester. do it at a sluggish and constant tempo. have a proportionate ratio of new and vintage posts connected. make certain to add exclusive anchor texts.
  •         do not suddenly boom internal linking to a publish this is getting down on SERP. alternatively, do now not link the page loosing ranking. you could attempt linking to pages that have already got the post connected to them.

use a good navigation system. properly arranged blogs are simpler for the blog readers to use. many expansion of strategies you may consider in making your web site extra pleasant for users. search engines say you should

arrange your blog posts in the way your reader will be able to flow thru the site.

add a search bar to every page on your blog to help your reader find information quickly

add an HTML site map to your blog


consider to set up google and bing webmaster equipment on your site, while something goes wrong in your blog, search engines webmaster tools like google will come up with some help by offering you with reports, web tools and statistics to maintain the shape of your site. so take a look at your webmaster tool regularly to make certain the whole thing is running efficaciously.

make your site boots friendly.this will make your site very simple for search engines spiders to crawl and index

keep in mind to set up those to your webmaster device:

  •         submit a good XML sitemap to engines like google for your site posts to be simpler for spiders to find and index your site.
  •        be certain your navigational hyperlinks are textual content.
  •         block search engines from crawling useless components of your web site.

keep in mind any errors in the site HTML code can prevent engines like google to crawl and index your blog post. so keep away from this case by means of making sure you validate your code.

I’m hoping your question on how to make a blog appear high on a search engine was solution nicely fill free to comment and ask a query in which you don’t understand


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