Using Google keyword planner to find low competition keywords

how to use google keyword planner

How do I find low competition long tail keywords?  Is a question most beginner bloggers often ask. Finding  low competition keywords is easy if you follow  the right path. Today I will discuss with you how to use Google keyword planner to find profitable long tail keywords with low competition. If you don’t know how to use google Adwords for keyword research. Just sit tight cause i am about to show you how to use google Adwords to find keywords for your blog posts.

how to use Google keyword planner to find low competition long tail keywords

 What is long tail keywords

Long tail keyword is keyword with at least more than three words. since people don’t just type in one word when searching for something on search engines, they always use a group of words. so long tail keyword is simply the key phrase that people put into the search box of a search engine to search for an answer to a question or to find an information. With long tail keywords, your content can easily get high rank in search results

Why use long tail keywords

google keywords

search engines always want to display the most accurate result to a searcher in a short period of time so using  Long tail keywords usually help search engines display relevant results. the long tail keyword has a higher conversion value, as they are more specific It is much easier to rank high in search engines for long tail keywords than for more common keywords.

Google keyword planner

Google AdWords keyword planner is a free tool by Google .it is a very good tool for building a strong keyword list, you can also use this tool for generating keyword ideas.By using the AdWords Keyword Tool, you can search for long tail keyword in your niche, It can also help you to know the competitiveness of the keyword in google search engine

how to use Google AdWords  keyword planner

Now it’s time for me to  show you how to find keywords in Google AdWords just follow the steps below.


keywords planner

Log into Google adwords and Click on ‘tools’ then navigate “keyword planner”

log into your google adsword account and click on tool then keywords planner

enter a long tail keyword related to your site or the topic in which you want to write/research on, You can ignore”Landing Page” and “ product category” then Enter your Targeted Location, and Language and then click on ‘get ideas’.

let say I want to write a blog post on SEO tips I can use the Google AdWords keyword planner to find low competition long tail keywords.

After I have written my keyword  as I have done below

how to use Google keyword planner to find low competition long tail keywords

I will now click on get idea, to get keywords ideas related to my niche . A list of related keywords will now be shown to me.see image below.

how to use Google keyword planner to find low competition long tail keywords 1

Now the keyword planner has generated some keywords ideas good for my niche. But for me to be able to rank well on search engine i would pick a keyword with low competition.

AdWords keywords suggestions

with these low competition keywords, i have picked I can easily  get high ranking on search results


The Google keywords planner is a very good tool for small business owner. To use and find low competition long tail keyword to improve their rank on search. I hope by now you will be able to use the tool well to optimize your content for search engines. Feel free to drop your contributions or ask questions.

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