Seo guide in 2021 for beginner bloggers

Seo guide in 2017 for beginner bloggers

This is an SEO guide for beginner bloggers in 2018.this is to guide for a blogger to learn how to set up and fully SEO optimize their site. so follow this step by step SEO guide in 2017 to start optimizing your blog today

Seo guide for beginner bloggers

Do keywords research

The most important thing in a post is the keyword or key phrase, this is what your post is ranked for. As a beginner blogger, my  SEO advice for you is to research on keywords with low competition because if you write a post using high competitive keywords it will be had for you blog to be ranked for that keyword but if you research on a profitable keyword in your niche with low competition you can easily move to the top 10 of google thereby generating good traffic to your blog. there are many tools which you can use for your research, there are free tools like

Google Keyword Planner, sem rush, long tail pro

write a good long post

After you might have gotten a keyword or key phrase you want to write on the next step is to start writing your post.for a post to get high rank on search engines like google your post most have good quality remember when people search google they are looking for an answer to a question so make sure you are able to solve a problem with your blog post. research also shows that post in the top 10 of Google has over 2000+ word so if you write a good quality post with over 2000+ that is a good start to increase your search ranking.

my advice to you: after writing your post review it for spelling and grammar mistakes, mistakes are one common factor in life and remember nobody is perfect so after writing your post take some time to review it for mistakes.

use subheadings

Dividing your article into subsections make your post more interesting to read posts with  also so do well on search engines  because subheadings make your blog post very for search engines to crawl

on-page SEO

Now that you have finished writing your good quality post for your blog the next thing to do is to optimize your blog post for search engines. this is how to do on-page optimization for your post

optimize your permanent link structure

this is the link to the content you have just finished writing and it is an important factor when it comes to your posts ranking so make sure you add you keyword or key phrase in the link, avoid long URL make your URL easy and simple for search engines to understand, use hyphen ‘-‘ to separate words in your link

title and description

This is another factor search engine consider before ranking your page, a good page most have good title and description, so make sure to add your keyword or key phrase in your blog post title and description.

internal linking

These are links to other relevant related articles in your blog, and it is an important factor in blog SEO. but many bloggers fail to use it well to improve their ranking. always link relevant related articles together,  make sure the internal links are necessary and important.

use and optimize your image

Adding an image to your article is very important because it helps your reader to understand

your article more. An image in your content helps improve the quality of the content, after adding a good quality image to your article it is best you add an alt attribute to it,  search engines can’t crawl and understand an image if the image doesn’t have an alt text, and alt text is what help search engines to know what an image is about. if your image is crawled and ranked on a search engine you can easily get more visitors to your blog cause when someone clicks on your image the person will be redirected to your site.

submit your sitemap to google

This is a list of all the pages and posts in your blog, it helps search engines to crawl and more effectively. so create an XML sitemap and submit it to google

make your site mobile friendly

Most incoming searches on google are done true mobile phones, so make sure your site pages are friendly and easy to navigate.visitors using a mobile phone that visits a mobile-friendly website are likely to spend more time on that site. a mobile-friendly website makes users’ experience easy and enjoyable. and remember that google ranks a mobile-friendly website higher than others, so that site I likely to do well on search engines.

make your site load faster

A fast loading site improves user experience and can make a site’s visitor visit the site over and over again. it is also a very important ranking factor search engine whats to provide a visitor with the most accurate and fastest results as possible. so I will advise you to make your website load faster.

links to another site

After writing your post link some of your article to other articles in another site in your niche, this is important in SEO.make sure your links are correct and not broken, the post you are linking to must be relevant, don’t link to sites with little or no original content, don’t link to spam sites. only link to high quality related sites.

links to your site(external links)

This is one of the most important ranking factors, google takes a link to your site very seriously. google see articles that have more external links to be important, relevant, and popular than others and there needs to be ranked high enough for visitors to easily find them.  so incoming links have a strong effect on a page’s ranking. build good quality links to your site these are a few steps you can use to build links to your site.

  •     comment on high-quality blogs
  •     do guest posting for popular blogs in your niche
  •     Share your post on social media
  •     join high-quality forums related to your niche

I HOPE THIS Seo guide in 2020 for beginner bloggers was useful to you if you have any questions or contributions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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